Our Vision:

Love God.
Love People.
Discover Purpose.
Make a Difference.

Our Mission:

Empower people to develop a great life by:
Loving God completely
Loving themselves correctly
Loving others compassionately

Our Core Values:

People: People matter to God. People are more important than programs.
Love: Love is the greatest manifestation of the Spirit. Love never fails.
Victorious Living: Expect, believe, and dream for a great life. You were born to win.
Total Salvation: God provides a complete, holistic salvation in every area of life
Teamwork: Doing church as a team is God’s design for effective ministry.
Relevance: Presenting the Gospel in a relevant & heartfelt way will transform lives
Generosity: God desires to bless us so that we can be a blessing to others
Servant Leadership: Spirit-empowered service with a willing heart is how God’s plan is accomplished.
The Presence of God: Worship experiences in the presence of God bring life and healing.
Excellence: Excellence in ministry inspires others and glorifies God.
Missions: Compassion for lost and hurting people is what motivates us.