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The nursery ministry at Solid Rock nurtures, cares for, and loves babies. Parents will be able to worship and receive teaching freely, knowing their babies are in loving hands. Nurseries are grouped by appropriate ages. 

Sunday – 8:30, 10, & 11:30am
Three Rooms Available:
Infant (0-11 months)
Toddler 1 (12-23 months)
Toddler 2 (24-35 months)

Wednesday – 7pm
Two rooms are available:
Infant (0-18 months) & Toddler (19-35 months)

Sunday Night: Available as a self-serve cry room for parents to stay with their baby

Sunday – 10 & 11:30am
Two Rooms Available:
Infant (0 & 1 year olds) & Toddler (2 & 3 year olds)